Mira has a set of features at your disposition - camera, how to find other people in vr... As we develop the Platform, we will have more and more features.

Core Features

The Core features are currently available.

CameraTake pictures in the app. Send it to the photo library.
Find your friendFind your friend around the Platform and join them in just one click.
Jet PackFly around using a jetpack.
Wrist watchGive the universal and local time. Can pop on and off the menu.
Bow and arrowsGrab your bow and have fun shooting arrows around.
Mini-mapVisualize the world you are exploring as a blueprint, and use it to travel around easily.

Features in development

The Features in development will be available soon.

Tiny & GiantChange your size to become as big as a giant, or as tiny as an ant.
Slice toolUse a planar to slice through 3D models.
Annotation toolWrite in the space around you.
BoomboxListen to the music you want.
HoverboardFly around using an hoverboard.
The Grappling hookClimb around the world and explore using a grappling hook.


We are open to Suggestions!

If you need specific tools, or have in mind cool functionalities you would like to see on the Platform, please reach out to us on Discord!