Make sure to have a safety copy before proceeding with those steps!

You should at least have one safety version of your project.
Some connections might get lost as you move your assets in the Plugin, and you need to be able to go back to what you had before in case this happen.


Heads Up!

Those steps need to happen only if you already have a project. If you are starting from scratch, those steps aren't relevant.

1. Create a new plugin that will contain all of your assets

Open the project that has the VR experience you want to publish.

Then create a blank content plugin by clicking on Settings → Plugins.


Click on New Plugin (bottom Right), select Content Only, type the name for the Plugin.



Best Practice

This New Plugin should be the name of the project you will publish.

2. Move your content to your new Plugin


Most Critical Step!

  1. Manually re-create the following folder organization

  2. Move your assets by following the steps below :

  • Select all the textures relevant to your scene and move them to YourPlugin/Resources/Textures.

  • Once they are moved select the main content folder of the project and right click and select Fix up redirectors.

  • Repeat those 2 steps for all the categories of assets that you have.

  • Finish by moving the maps


Heads up!

To verify that the assets were moved correctly, close the project and reopen it.
When you open your scene, if anything is missing it means you forgot one of the steps above.

3. Verify that all assets have successfully been moved to your Plugin

To verify that all of the assets have successfully been moved into your Plugin, Right-click on your Plugin’s content folder and select the Reference viewer. There should only be references to engine content. If assets in the game content folder are still referenced, move those assets in the Plugin.

4. Copy your Plugin to the Project in Perforce

Copy the Plugin you just created to the Project in Perforce under the Plugins directory.

5. Verify nothing is missing

Open the Project in Perforce and open the scene in your Plugin to verify that nothing is missing.

At this point, it can happen that our platform's project settings and your project settings are different, so the look could be a little bit different.
You don't need to panic, it is certainly something that can be fixed by baking the lights again or changing some post-process values.