This section covers how you are able to test your project and cook the assets to verify that nothing is broken and that all the references are in your plugin.


To test your map it is very simple:

  • Open the map you want to test in the editor.
  • Verify that you have set correctly the menu configuration and the Info Panel configuration in the World Settings.
  • Optional: Use a login and password in the World Settings to directly log in to your account.
  • Play in VR to test all your mechanics.



Having Dedicated server checked or more than one player is not supported by Unreal engine in VR unfortunately…

To test your multiplayer features you can simulate the VR pawn using Mouse and Keyboard.
First you need to unplug your VR headset and restart the editor.

Here are the controls:

  • Mouse movement alone: Move the camera
  • Hold Shift + Mouse movement: Move the selected Hand
  • Hold Left Ctrl + Mouse movement: Rotate the selected Hand
  • Middle Mouse Button: change the hand to control, toggle between controlling left Hand to controlling right Hand.
  • Press Q: Activate teleport, release Q to actually teleport
  • Hold E: Grab any object overlapping with the selected hand.
  • Press R: Grab any object overlapping with the selected hand and make it stick to your hand. Press E when having the same hand selected to release it.


To release your project to be published in Garou there are a few steps you will need to do first to make sure everything is set correctly on your side.

  • Fix up redirectors: Select the Content folder, right click and select fix up redirectors. Do the same for your Plugin’s content folder.
    Check References: Right click on your plugin’s content folder and select Reference Viewer. This is to check that you didn’t forget to move any assets.


Heads up!

Any references in Grey are missing references, please fix that otherwise you won’t be able to cook your assets.

  • Assets on the left: Any assets you see should not be there, otherwise it means that the Platform Mod kit is dependent on your Map and it should only be the other way around. If those assets on the left are from your project then they should be moved in your plugin’s Content folder, follow this section again.

  • Assets on the right: Any assets you see here can be from the Platform Mod Kit. If you see other assets coming from your project then it should be moved to your plugin’s content folder, follow this section again

  • Cook your assets: The best way to verify that nothing is missing in your project is to cook your assets. For that open the Mod Kit. Click on File → Cook Windows Content. If any error is thrown it means it is missing something. Check the Output log to find what is missing and fix it.
    Once you cooked all the assets correctly you can proceed and send us your plugin as a zip file so we can integrate it in the next version.

When you send us your Plugin please mention where you want this level to be available from so we can make the connection until we add that functionality to the Modkit.