Lighting Core Environment

We use

  • Forward Shading

We don't use

  • Real-Time Ray Tracing

  • Lumen


Our philosophy

The following pieces of information are only guidelines and advice that have been working great for us.

As long as your scene works with Mira's core environment, as long as you reach high-end photorealistic quality, and the frame rate is high enough for your experience to be published - refer to the Targeted Hardware & Performances and the PC Minimum Requirement - feel free to work like you see fit.

Light baking or dynamic lighting?

Either solution works.

We prefer to use bake lighting in general, but if you are more comfortable with dynamic lighting feel free to use it, as long as you can reach high photorealistic results without decrease in the frame rate.

Light Maps Resolution

  • average of 64 to 512

  • maximum of 2024

Lighting parameters - Exposure and Post process

  • Your light design should take in consideration the platform's features, and work with movable objects.
    The goal is to prevent any exposure problems on assets within Mira (example: menus, character paw, polaroid, jetpack, bow and arrow...).

  • Don't use extreme values for light intensity.

  • Don't use extreme values for the exposure.

  • Deactivate auto exposure.
    Unless your experience takes the user from indoor to outdoor places (and vice-versa), we advice that you don't activate this feature.

  • Post process values need to be neutral as much as possible.