Happy with your work?

When you are ready to upload your project for review, you will need to submit everything you did locally to the server, using P4V


Heads up!

You will need to have your own Perforce server and to have P4V installed on your computer in order to publish your work. See Perforce

Step 1 : Reconcile offline work.


Necessary for perforce beginners

This step is needed to make sure all your assets are uploaded.
Note : This may not be the perfect way to work if you are not working alone. Reach out to us on Discord if you want to learn more.

Open p4v and connect to your server.
Select your plugin folder, right click and select ''reconcile offline work''

Step 2 : Use the submit button.


Step 3 : Write a description.


Best Practice

We strongly advice that you always put a simple yet clear description of your submit. That way, we will know what has been done, and you will be able to easily roll back to a previous version a problem arise.

Step 4 : Submit