Question about Publishing

How can I contact you if I want to publish on the Platform?
↳ Contact directly our Creator's Program representative Marie Bonsergent using this email [email protected]

Do I need to spend Money to publish on the Platform?
↳ No you don't.

Can I make money by publishing on the Platform?
↳ Not at the moment, but yes very soon. We are working on solutions for the Creators to monetize their content. More to come soon.

Are there conditions to publishing content on the Platform?
↳ Yes there are. The content you want to publish needs to be highly photorealistic. We reserve the right to judge if the content you want to submit meets our standards.

Do I have to publish a digital twin, or do original environment are allowed?
↳ Original environments are welcome.

How does my work gets more visibility using this Platform?
↳ When the Platform is going to be launched, we will promote your work through as many media as we can, using our Website and social-media, but also reaching out to the press.
After we go live, when you publish more content, or if you are a new Creator, we will activate your work using the same channels.

How will users going onto the Platform and seeing my work will know that I'm the one who created it?
↳ When users are going in your experience, a pop up window - the info panel - automatically appears in front of them, with information about you and your work.

What about Copyright?
↳ Each Creator is owner and responsible for the intellectual property of their experiences. If you don't have the copyright for a project you would like to publish, let us know, we might be able to help you.

For the developers - Commonly asked Questions

How many polygon maximum should my experience have?
↳ No magical number here. Each project is different, and it's a question of balance between definition and optimization. As long as you can meet the requirements for the targeted user hardware, we are good with what you do.

How does the Platform deals with Game Mode?
↳ The Game Mode is specific to the Platform. You just have to place the Player Start.

What about the Player Start?
↳ As this is a multi-user Platform, you have to place several of them in your scene. We advice you to create around 10 player start.

Why does the Plugin folder is empty after I create it?
↳ For now you need to recreate manually this file organization when creating a new plugin.

Should I exactly respect the file organization in my new Plugin?
↳ This is highly encouraged, but it is only a best practice.

Can I create sub-folder within the file organization?
↳ Yes you can.

Can I use decals?
↳ Yes.

Can I implement functionalities?
↳ You can implement functionalities, but not on your own yet. We are currently working on solutions for you to be able to do so on your own.
For now, when you need to implement a functionality, contact us directly on our Discord or reach out directly to Marie Bonsergent using this email [email protected]

Design Questions

Can I create my own icons on the menu?
↳ Yes. But you need to follow these instructions.