Steps to follow to personalize your info panel

  • Go in your plugin’s content folder and create a Blueprints folder if it isn’t already created.
  • Right click and select Blueprint Class
  • As a parent class you need to pick the class: InfoPanelConfiguration
  • Name it using this convention: BP_YourProjectInfoPanel
  • Open the newly created blueprint and go in the Class Defaults section. Now under InfoPanel | Details you will find 10 entries that you need to fill out. Look at the example below to know which line corresponds to which part.

Note: That last part is not available for the moment and will be again soon.

  • When you finish configuring the blueprint you will need to set it in the World Settings of your Map. Here is a closer look at where to find this window. In the upper section you will find the InfoPanelConfiguration, please put the configuration you just created here.